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Simplifying your search

FuneralCar, the motoring website for the funeral industry, focuses exclusively on and understands the uniqueness of your vehicle requirements.

Looking to repair, replace or add additional vehicles to your fleet; then talk to us today. We will gladly assist and simplify your search.

FuneralCar is essentially a South African based motoring website for the Funeral Industry. However, where we can we gladly assist with requests from outside of South Africa (or try to point you in the right direction).

Some of our core passions include:

– Simplifying the funeral industry’s search for suitable vehicle solutions

– Encouraging the motor industry in South Africa to become more proactively involved with the funeral industry

– Facilitating opportunities for the motor and funeral industries in South Africa to build greater relationships

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How may we assist

If you need assistance with finding the right funeral vehicle or associated parts, services or accessories then talk to us today.

    Introducing the Smallest New Hearse

    on the market in South Africa

    In response to feedback from Funeral Parlours on our FuneralCar Roadshow at the end of last year, Bustruck Conversions in association with Kia South Africa have delicately developed what is affectionately becoming known as the Kia Picanto Baby Hearse.


    Built using the new Picanto Runner Panelvan as the base vehicle, this little hearse has been legally homologated and can be licensed as a hearse. VAT Registered Parlours are able to apply to get their VAT back on the vehicle.


    For more information and quote requests, speak to us at FuneralCar on +27 83 766 0153 or complete the CONTACT US FORM

    FuneralCar Showdown

    Who gets your vote

    We are excited to share with you our very First FUNERALCAR SHOWDOWN … between three of the most popular new hearse options currently available on the market in South Africa The Hyundai H1 Hearse VS The Kia Grand Sedona Hearse VS The Mercedes-Benz Vito Hearse
    Watch the video HERE

    Largest parade of hearses in the World!

    The South African Funeral Industry proudly took on the Guinness World Record!

    Enough Talk, Let's Build Something Together