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Hearse Builds

Finding a company that is highly specialised in the conversion of vehicles into hearses has never been easier.

Using local material and component suppliers, all our vehicle conversions are built with a personal commitment to quality. Your vehicle will be handled with the utmost care and attention from the moment you place an order until the moment you receive your keys from us.

Let us help you build the tomorrow you want.

Removable Hearse Roller Floors

Finding a company that is highly specialised in building and crafting tailored removable hearse floors has never been easier.

You can now get a Removable Hearse floor with your choice of wood trim including coffin stoppers. All our floors come standard with a steel support frame, wood platform with rollers and coffin stoppers, choice of wood trim on floor (assorted colours in matt or gloss), brushed or mirror stainless trim for finishing. Tailormade to fit various vehicles.

Removal | Mortuary | Repatriation | General Transport

Our company specializes in the conversion of vehicles into Removal | First Call, multi-purpose vehicles, repatriation vehicles, mortuary vans and other special vehicles.

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