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International Hearses

We can assist you with vehicle options from some of the most reputable international hearse builders if you are looking for something completely different. We can provide quotes from our international builder network and assist in facilitating imports.

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Pilato Polaris

The future is built on sound foundations. The Polaris, the new flagship of Pilato’s Mercedes-Benz fleet, aims to set a new standard in the hearse market. Where both the design and the technical features are concerned, the Pilato research department focused on new developments that could highlight Mercedes’ cutting-edge qualities and Pilato’s successful tradition.

An innovative interpretation of the sides and the roof made it possible to increase the space in both the passenger compartment and the loading bay. The ample glazed surfaces and the fully glazed tailgate – a distinctive hallmark of Pilato – accentuate the luminosity while compound elements underline the dynamism of the line.

The interior design is inspired by the luxurious cabins of private jets or luxury yachts, blending styling and practicality. The outfits are created by craftsmen with top quality materials that accentuate each magnificent detail.

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Pilato Grand Aurora

The new XF GrandAurora is another step forward in Pilato’s ‘Jaguar Drive’; it extends and diversifies the range of XF-derived hearses, an agile, dynamic and safe four-seater that joins the traditional two-seat Aurora. The design of the GrandAurora is both simple and surprising, blending aesthetics and practicality. It is also equipped with the very latest casket loading and unloading systems and mechanisms.

The rear volume is a profile highlighted by an elegant wave that starts from the top of the door and descends to the tail end, creating a sinuous line reminiscent of a cat.

The need for a large rear side window that could highlight the coffin compartment led designers to create one of the largest windows ever seen in this class of vehicle. The large window in the tailgate fills the coffin compartment with natural light, increasing visibility of the interior during the funeral cortege to accompany the deceased on his final journey.

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Pilato Norma

Norma is the original two-seater based on the Mercedes-Benz E-class, with similar features and the same length as the Orion but created with the clearly defined goal to allow the transport of coffins of any size and measures. Plus, the new generation of Mercedes-Benz E-Class Restyling hearses can now rely on the advanced EQ Power plug-in hybrid technology. This is an extraordinary achievement that will allow the funeral industry to benefit from all the advantages of electric drive.

The Norma is enhanced in terms of road presence. Its visual impact is the result of its increased height and width, which made it possible to create the spacious two-coffin loading bay, as well as a rear opening that is one of the largest on the market. As for the interior, the different materials and finishes have been designed to make the funeral compartment a welcoming, functional space, suitable for any funeral culture and with solutions for every need.

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Pilato Illios

From the Greek Dal “Ilios” aka Sun, the mother star of our solar system.
The new Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe Funeral Home is the new star of the Pilato household.
The perfect name for the new project signed by Pilato, “Ilios” thanks to its muscular lines, but at the same time graceful, it gives it an aura of energy, that attracts every look. We’re willing to bet that just like the Sun, “Ilios” will be all to discover and admire.

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