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Financeable NEW Vehicle options with Conversions

If you are in the market for a new funeral vehicle or hearse, then speak to us to arrange a quote for you that includes one of our customised builds. To find you the best deal, we source vehicle quotes from our trusted OEM dealer network in and around Southern Africa.

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Removal | First Call

Popular base vehicles that are used for transporting deceased from homes and hospitals to the mortuary or funeral home.

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Popular base vehicles used for tailor made hearse conversions (all these vehicles are for non-stretch builds only).

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Long Distance | Repatriation

Popular base vehicles that are used to return the deceased to their home if they pass away abroad or in another province.

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Marketing Vehicles

Small vehicles are ideal for transporting products, making deliveries, or for advertising your business.

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Multipurpose Vehicles

Whether you’re transporting a family or serving as a hearse, multipurpose vehicles are great for the job.

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Family Vehicles

For your customers convenience, a range of vehicles that will transport them in comfort.

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Commercial Vehicles

From service set up, equipment delivery, or simply sending groceries to your customers, we got you.

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