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I will always remember the year we got our Pollmann.

This gem of a hearse owned by Imbali Funeral Furnishers is known as a “Pollmann Karosserie” and has been part of their fleet since 1985.
(Nesh Jadoo says he will always remember the year he got it, as it is the same year he got married)

It was built by German Coachbuilders, The Pollmann Company (Conrad Pollmann Karosseriefabriek, of Bremen) who were best known back in the day for their hearse conversions of large saloons; producing the highest quality of its kind available on a Mercedes-Chassis base at the time.

Imbali’s Pollmann Karosserie hearse arrived in South Africa in 1985, while it was still legal for us to import LHD vehicles.

Nesh says their Pollmann would unfortunately no longer be in service, but they do still have her.

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